A Conversation with Live In the Vineyard Entertainment Group’s Charismatic Entrepreneur Bobbii Jacobs

Originally published as a feature for Colorado Hotel Magazine, Spring Edition – November 2018

Used with Permission from Live In the Vineyard Entertainment Group

One of Colorado’s most understated, yet incredibly effective entrepreneurs is a woman by the name of Bobbii Jacobs. She is responsible for curating some of the most coveted and exclusive events nationally that pair fine dining, choice wine and celebrated music hosted in the vineyards of the Napa Valley. In 2017 Bobbii expanded her brand, creating an entertainment group that serves as an umbrella to the exclusive experiences she cultivates.

Under the creative brand called Live in the Vineyard Entertainment Group (LITVEG), you may find the charismatic Jacobs aboard a Southwest Airlines flight surprising passengers with a band for a live music performance she calls Live at 35. This serves as a promotion and precursor to an exclusive private event called Live in the Vineyard, hosted each fall in the luxurious vineyards of Napa, pairing food, wine and music.

More immediately, you can taste and experience exactly what it means to be a part of LITVEG’s intimate affairs by joining them in Yountville to celebrate some of the nation’s best cuisine. Taking place March 15-18, 2018, Yountville Live will showcase Jacobs’ creative prowess, as well as Denver’s renowned chef, Frank Bonnano.
Get acquainted with this remarkable visionary and find out more about LITVEG’s unforgettable experiences.

Colorado Hotel Magazine: Can you briefly tell us a little about the evolution of the Live In the Vineyard Entertainment Group?

Bobbii Jacobs: It was a natural progression with what I envision this company to be and how much we are growing, to create an overhead company with LITV Entertainment Group. We are now tapping into so many corridors curating specialized events that are experiential custom build outs, marketing, consulting, producing and much more. I thought it made sense to create an umbrella company where all the events and activations we have our hands in, can live.

CHM: As a nationally successful entrepreneur, what made you choose Denver as home? What are the unique attributes of this community?

BJ: I am originally from Iowa and made my way to California for a while, but Denver is the sunniest place to live in the country. My husband and I wanted to come here and raise a family. I am a frequent flier, so being in Colorado is a pretty quick flight to anywhere in the country, especially California, where we host most of our events. Parker, where I actually reside, is a very inclusive and growing community that I have never felt anything other than right at home in and my two sons love it!

CHM: I understand you’ve teamed up with local chef extraordinaire, Frank Bonnano for an event you’re producing in March called Yountville Live?

BJ: Yes, Chef Bonnano is incredibly talented and has such a massive footprint with some of Denver’s finest dining and drinking establishments! So, I could not think of a better chef from my hometown market to come to Yountville Live and represent his talents at the 25th Annual Taste of Yountville.

CHM: For those who haven’t heard of, what makes Yountville Live different from other festivals?

BJ: Well, Yountville Live is a public event that anyone can purchase tickets to attend (to purchase visit: https://yountvillelive.com/). It is that up close, personal touch point we have with all of our events pairing music, food and wine, but a bit heavier on the culinary side. It gives fans the chance to attend one of our coveted events, since Live In The Vineyard is a private event you can only win access to. Yountville is considered the culinary capital of the world, so fans can expect a high-end luxury weekend with rock star chefs like Stephanie Izard, Bob Blumer, Ken Frank and many more, with performances by Foy Vance, X Ambassadors, NEEDTOBREATHE, Marc Broussard, and others. And of course, pourings by some of the most revered vintners that the Napa Valley has to offer.

CHM: Are there any other events scheduled by LITVEG in Colorado?

BJ: I have always wanted to curate an event here in Colorado, because it is clearly the perfect setting. I have been in discussions and connecting with a few local people, but nothing is set in stone yet. So stay tuned because it’s coming, I promise!

CHM: What else is on the horizon for you and LITVEG in 2018?

BJ: We are expanding in May with our first ever Live in the Vineyard Goes Country, in partnership with the Academy of Country Music, which has been creating a ton of buzz! And as a big country music fan, I am so excited to see this finally being planned!
We are continuing to work with national brands like Southwest Airlines on the Rapid Reward Credit Card member’s experiential events and have a few more fun activations in the works as well.

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