American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart releases new single, original album to follow

“I believe my voice and soul should connect the dots and speak volumes.” Haley Reinhart began. And since her debut on American Idol during season 10, the third place runner up has done just that. Boasting a platinum single of her cover of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love“, to her role on Netflix series “F Is For Family”, one gets the feeling this 27 year old beauty has barely scratched the surface of her potential and success.

We caught up with Haley recently, who shared with us the story behind her newly released single “Last Kiss Goodbye”, her plans for the new, original forthcoming album, as well as how she juggles her acting with songwriting and singing. She’s aglow with energy and as warmly welcoming as her new summertime single.

The Feature Story: Since first breaking into the national music spotlight with American Idol, how would you say you and your artistry have evolved or changed?

Haley Reinhart: All three albums I’ve released have their own vibe and characteristics that make each of them unique. I sang a wide variety of songs/genres on the show and I’m proud to keep this open minded outlook with my music today. There’s no fun in putting yourself in a bubble. I believe my voice and soul should connect the dots and speak volumes.

TFS: Having been thrust into the national spotlight via American Idol, what have been some of the pros and cons of establishing your artistry and songwriting career that way?

HR: The world loves cover songs. They’re familiar, timeless, and easy to absorb. I do love taking songs that move me and reinterpreting them, but it can be harder for radio and for people to soak up your original work and give it the chance it deserves. All in good time. 🙂 Plus, my fans are amazing and they always want more and more originals. I can’t wait to give them what they want!

TFS: Let’s talk about your new single “Last Kiss Goodbye”. You said you wrote it sitting on your living room floor, channeling the essence of love. What is your writing process typically like?

HR: I could write a song anywhere really… From a fancy studio to a dingy closet space haha! It’s all about following whatever mood you’re in and the emotion you’re trying to convey. The melody and chords usually spill out first, followed by the lyrics that tie it all together.

TFS: What else can you disclose about your forthcoming album? Is there a release date set yet? Title? Story behind it you want to share with fans?

HR: I’m so excited to get more of my favorite originals out there! Honestly I think my fans have made the full album release more official than I have haha, God love em! #Haliens. I have sooo many songs I need to get off my chest. I’m hoping to release it by the end of the year. There’s a lot of deep feeling behind these tunes and I want everyone to connect and feel some sort of release after hearing them.

TFS: Has acting and/or voice acting always been an ambitions for your career? Or was it just an opportunity that was presented as your career kicked off?

HR: It’s crazy I’m doing voice acting now! You talk to any of my friends and fam back home in Chicago and they’ll tell you I’ve been doing all sorts of characters straight out the gate. Cartman from South Park to Mrs. Swan from Mad TV. Voices have always been easy and super fun for me. I really want to be on the big screen some day… It’s definitely another calling of mine and hey — why not bring back the golden age way of a triple threat ehh? 

TFS: Is it difficult to juggle your role on F Is for Family with your music writing and career?

HR: Everything has been so timely and the entire team at FIFF are so wonderful and accommodating. Luckily my touring hasn’t overlapped too much with recording the show. I have had to miss a couple table reads (where the cast meets up and reads the new episode) and a few parties/premieres. Total bummer of course, since it’s ALL so much fun! I’m entirely grateful to be a part of this hilarious show and call this cast and crew my family now too!

TFS: Are there plans for a tour in the works once your album is released? If so, what can you tell us about it?

HR: Excited to get back out on the road! No plans for a full on tour quite yet, but next spring sounds awesome to me. I’ll keep everyone posted! As for now, my next show is this week, on June 21st, in Los Angeles at the legendary Troubadour, come through!!!

TFS: What else is ahead of you for the rest of 2018?

HR: Got some amazing new opportunities in the mix, follow me on socials for all the fun new news!

TFS: To wrap it up for now, what do you consider your favorite memory or a defining moment for your career to date?

HR: Well this is a tough one…but what sticks out to me right now is singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” out on my tours. Seeing people’s laughter and tears as they sing it along with me…It reminds me of how far I’ve come, what an emotional and beautiful ride it’s been, as well as how many amazing people I get to share this journey with. The fact it’s gone platinum now is sweet sweet icing on the cake.

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