Exclusive interview with lovelytheband whose hit ‘broken’ is breaking records

You can’t hardly turn on the radio without hearing lovelytheband’s infectious hit single “broken“. Little did the band know, that the title of the track would serve as a self-proclaiming prophecy. The single birthed in honesty and struggle has broken records, holding down the number one spot on alternative radio longer than any other in 2018. Former Oh Honey singer Mitchy Collins revealed, “I wrote it during a really hard time in my life and I hope it helps some other people say things that they don’t know how to.”

It already does so, with lyrics that are sung, shared, downloaded and streamed on repeat. It’s a song we all relate to and one we can’t get enough of at The Feature Story. “I just pulled from real life. I think the best songs come from your experiences.” Mitchy explained when we caught up with him recently. And current single, “these are my friends“, continues the where “broken” left off, building companionship with fans through lyrics are as honest as they are genuine.

We were grateful to sit down with the now busy frontman of lovelytheband, for a candid conversation. The singer/songwriter told us about what it was like the first time he heard the single on the radio, divulged how the band got its name and teased us with what may be on tap for the rest of the year, including a headlining tour “Broken Like Me“, which kicks off in August 2018. And that brings us full circle, back to a very down to earth and relatable artist, who wrote a hit in kind. Thanks Mitchy!

The Feature Story: Let’s just start with the basics, I read the band formed just two years ago in 2016. How did you meet and briefly, what is the story that brought lovelytheband to where you are today?

Mitchy Collins: I met Jordan probably a year or so before the band was a band. I had been working on a bunch of music and one night Jordan and I were out at the bar called On The Rox and we were stuck in this back room. I started playing him some songs and I asked him to be in the band with me, and luckily he was down. He’s one of the best musicians I know. A handful of months later we met Sam, he was the missing link. Once he joined everything started to fall into place.

TFS: How did you come up with the band name? What made it stick?

MC: I wish we had some cool story like we took a bunch of mushrooms and went down to Joshua Tree and had some spiritual journey and came back with the band name lovelytheband. But, in reality, Jordan and I were at Dave and Busters eating chicken wings trying to come up with a band names, because the one we had prior we couldn’t use due to copyright issues, We tossed around the word lovely and were like, “Oh that sounds cool.” It was taken everywhere on the Internet and Instagram etc. so we decided to add “theband” to it and it was available and now it’s our band name.

TFS: What is your writing process like? Do you write collectively and build songs together, or is it more of a singular endeavor that is finalized as a band?

MC: Every song is a different animal. I never really know what the song is about until it’s done being written. I kind of just let my heart say what it needs to say and figure it out later. Sometimes it’ll start with a lyric, a melody or a guitar line or a beat. Every song is different.

TFS: Let’s talk about the EP, ‘everything i could never say’ released last fall. What are some of the influences and inspirations behind those songs?

MC: Inspiration for a lot of those songs are just my life in general. It could be my dealings with relationships, hard times and the things I deal with like depression and anxiety. I just pulled from real life. I think the best songs come from your experiences.

TFS: Congrats of having 2018’s longest running #1 track on Alternative Radio in ‘broken’. Do you remember where you were when you heard “broken” on the radio for the first time? What was that like?

MC: First time we heard it on the radio was on KROQ in LA. We were sitting in Sam’s car. It was definitely wild… we hoped one day it would be on the radio, but then we finally heard it on the radio and it has definitely been a weird feeling. We’re just so thankful for the success and how people are reacting to it. It is really beautiful. I wrote during a really hard time in my life and I hope it helps some other people say things that they don’t know how to.

TFS: Are there any challenges of succeeding so immediately as a band with a prominent number one single? If so, what are they?

MC: I think the most difficult thing is that people are wondering if we are a real band, or if this is something that was fabricated in the studio. We are definitely a real band and we work hard and love playing shows and just getting out there and meeting everybody… it’s a beautiful ride. We’re so thankful.

TFS: What have been some of the most rewarding or defining moments for you as a band, or individuals to date?

MC: First and foremost, having a number one single is something I never thought I’d be able to say out loud. It’s definitely a crazy feeling and I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop and kind of still letting it set in. Other than that, just watching the shows get bigger and bigger the more we play – it’s just so rewarding.

TFS: Other than touring this summer, what are some of the other plans or goals for the band?

MC: More festivals, shows and new music.

TFS: In conclusion, would you be willing to share something that keeps you focused, inspired or motivated as individuals or as a band?

MC: To put it simply, music keeps us focused. We are so lucky and so grateful to get up every day and play music and get to call it work. I think keeping our eyes on that is something that’s so important.

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