Saints of Valory Frontman plans to drop a new single per month with side project DAGG3RS

Saints of Valory frontman, Gavin Jasper has a new side project, DAGG3RS. Today they released their first creative endeavor, single Broke AF.

“This is the first time I wasn’t overthinking everything,” says Jasper. “I just tried to let the music lead and have fun with the process. All the songs were written and professionally recorded at the same time, which was new for me.  But, it forced me to commit to the moment and be completely honest with what I wanted to say.” 

As a seasoned musician, DAGG3RS allows Jasper creative margin to experiment in a way that he never has before during his impressive career. 

He says of, Broke AF, “This is one of the simplest and most honest songs I’ve written.” Continuing, “I was in the studio, just thinking about the irony that there weren’t any platinum plaques on the walls, or fancy cars in the driveway, but that we were happy and in a unique position to be doing what we love for a living. This song is like a mini anthem for all the broke artists out there hustling, which is probably about 98% of all artists.”

Since 2010, Jasper has been the lead vocalist for Saints of Valory, an Austin-based rock band that has opened for the Rolling Stones, and toured extensively, playing festivals like Coachella, ACL and Rock in Rio. The band’s self-released debut EP, The Bright Lights, featured an early version of their track Providence. The song entered the Top 50 at Triple A radio, making the band the only unsigned act to reach the upper tier of the chart.

The band’s second self-released EP, Kids, landed on iTunes’ Top Rock Albums Chart in its first week. In 2012, Billboard named Saints of Valory one of its Top Unsigned Artists. As a result, the band signed with Atlantic Records. Their debut EP for Atlantic, Possibilities, included the single “Neon Eyes,” which was featured on Billboard, MTV Buzzworthy and radio stations across the country. 

With DAGG3RS, Jasper intends to drop one new song each month. “I naturally funnel all of my experiences and thoughts into music,” says Jasper. “DAGG3RS is another avenue for that.”

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