Exclusive: American Authors release new track “Champion”

American Authors release new single, “Champion” today. Photo Used With Permission From: Mora May Agency

Today American Authors served up new single, “Champion” and the world embraced it. Featuring Beau Young Prince, the track is best described as an unapologetic stadium anthem balanced with lyrics that focus on the people in all our lives that “bring us life when we’re undone”. It’s already been added to New Music Friday playlists on Spotify in 25 countries and we’ve got access for you below!

“Champion is a song about that special person in your life who stays by your side no matter what. I know for me there’s plenty of days where I feel defeated or down, but I know I can turn to my girlfriend, the guys in my band, or even my mom to be the champion I need to pick me back up.”

Lead Vocalist Zac Barnett describes.


American Authors “Champion”

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