John Mayer Tour

Video review of John Mayer’s ‘The Search For Everything’ tour

John Mayer, a well loved and at times polarizing figure in pop music and culture, is so in large because of his unabashed candor. Over the span of his years in the industry, his lyrics reflect his maturation in not only music, but life.

His most recent album, “The Search For Everything” has put John back on the road after years of side projects that lead to a fan drought for all things Mayer. His return showcases a revisitation of his roots in pop music, where it all began.

The tour itself is much richer, echoing all facets of his evolving artistry. He takes the stage in chapters, ranging from full band and pop, to an appearance by the bluesy funk of the John Mayer Trio, as well as a mini solo acoustic set featuring covers like ‘Free Fallin’ and unpublished hit ‘LA Song’.

Below we’ve posted videos highlighting a few of our favorite moments from John’s stop in Denver on July 19, 2017. Forgive the failed videography. We specialize in writing here, not photo journalism, as is obvious below.

Comparable to a carefully crafted and aged whiskey, Mayer’s artistry and poise are top shelf, serving to only get better with time.

Mayer opened his set with hit ‘Clarity’ on July 19, 2017.

Performing “LA Song” during his acoustic solo set in Denver on July 19, 2017

John surprised Denver and comes back to the stage after his encore for one last piano solo performance of ‘Live Forever In Me’.

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