LITV Exclusive: Larkin Poe spice up the vineyards with their ‘Swampadelic’ sound

Originally published April 17, 2014 – 1:50 PM MST on

One of the most poignant and pleasant surprises of my weekend at the 13th Live In The Vineyard event was not only discovering that one of my favorite stores on earth, Restoration Hardware, is taking their prestigious brand and venturing into the music industry… But also, that they have signed two very dynamic and talented bands to pioneer the RH Music label, The Brixtons and Larkin Poe.

I was given the privilege of chatting with the two sisters, who are the blood and oxygen of Larkin Poe. The energy they bring to life in their music is so completely infectious, it is best witnessed first hand. Because of my absolute conviction of that, I’ve done something rather exclusive and extremely rare for me. I’ve published the entire interview with these two southern sweethearts in the video above.

They graciously open up about their journey in the industry, their partnership with RH Music, and give early insight into their first studio album due out later this year. Be on the look out for their music, as I am confident they will be making an impact in the industry very soon!

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