A conversation with international superstar Flo Rida

Originally Published May 6, 2012 – 8:19 PM MST on Examiner.com

It’s indisputable that Flo Rida has infused the music scene with his addictive hits on an international scale. With six certified platinum singles and tours that have spanned the circumference of the globe, he has solidified an artistry that transcends boundaries. I had a chance to chat with the busy superstar this past week. He told me, “Once you enjoy having one number one record, you want more. And I’ve always wanted more. I’ve always realized that working hard, you get a chance to play hard.”

His drive and willingness to work has continuously propelled Flo Rida to many number one records. He explains, “Sometimes I might be in the studio for two days with the same clothes on, no bath, no shower, but I come out with a hit record. I just try to keep that up. I worked hard prior to having a record deal so why not when I am getting compensated for it as well as getting a lot of love from the fans around the world.”

Currently Flo has been putting finishing touches on what will be his fourth studio album. And though he says he hasn’t officially entitled it, he is confident it will surpass the previous three. “Well, just putting out the albums prior, I got a chance to really refine and perfect the recipe. So this album is going to have even bigger records than the last album. When you try to do something, you want to get better at it. I understand my audience, I understand what my fans love.”

The first two singles advancing the album, “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones” seem indicative that he has indeed been in the studio creating another beast and he credits lead single, “Good Feeling” as being the defining track. “It shows that versatility with me, just trying to transition music and take it to another height.” He disclosed, continuing, “To cover that craftiness of Etta James and then having my man Avicii and Dr. Luke produce a phenomenal track and myself getting on there and bringing that feel together, I think just defines what this album is going to be like.” Finishing he added, “I mean it’s something positive as well as playful and something the fans can jump up and down to and really love. Everyone is definitely going to be able to relate to this album, young, old and everything.”

With the third single, “Whistle” hitting the airwaves, Flo Rida has already shot the video and plans to debut a live performance of it during the finale of The Voice this week. He revealed, “For The Voice I’m taking my band with me. We gonna do a couple of records and just get a chance to let their audience hear ‘Whistle’, and what’s going on and what’s new for myself when it comes to performing. Traveling the world, and these records are inspiring me and the love they’ve been showing me has inspired me.”

Truly and admittedly that inspiration is what fuels everything that motivates the music and persona of Flo. When I asked him about the challenges that great success and responsibility bring, he didn’t hesitate to answer, “There hasn’t really been any challenges or obstacles because first and foremost I always put God first and I really believe in miracles. He’s always been that bridge to anything that I thought that would probably hold me back or try to discourage me.”

Even with all he has accomplished he still has big dreams to aspire to. Teasing he said, “Definitely got to be the President one day of the United States.” Then continued with sincerity, “To see my artists become or have the level of success that I have or even more. I started my new label IMG, (International Music Group), and I found an artist from Canada by the name of Tyler Medeiros and I found another hip hop artist by the name of Wild Child. In the meantime, he’s focused on finishing up his album saying, “It’s definitely going to be out real soon. We don’t have a solid date because we just want everything to roll out perfectly.”

Photo used with permission from Atlantic Records

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