Electric Guest’s new single “Dollar” is a pop pleaser with a value driven message

Indie, soulful duo Electric Guest returns to music with new single, “Dollar“. The track feels oh so good and puts off all the summertime vibes.

You may recall Electric Guest from the surge of single “This Head I Hold” that wormed into the ears of the nation when it debuted in 2012. If that doesn’t sound familiar, you might recognize their work on Portugal. The Man’s worldwide smash single, “Feel It Still“, which the duo earned a GRAMMY® Award for co-writing and co-producing!

“Dollar” is said to set the tone for their new forthcoming album, due in October 2019. Frontman Asa Taccone said of the record, “We wanted to make straight up, unapologetic pop. We didn’t want to make a record that was angsty or artsy, but we also didn’t want to make pop that was void of sentiment either.”

Check out the video for the new single below, of which Taccone revealed, “Making Dollar was a family affair. Everyone in it is either a childhood friend or family member. My brother and I drove home from L.A. to the Bay Area and shot the video over five days. From my little cousin doing doughnuts in an Oakland recycling plant to our friend Matt letting us drive his hovercraft in the San Francisco Bay, everything was a favor. In this money is everything culture, the songs serves to have a different message: you are of value even if you only have a dollar in your pocket.”

We’re a big fan of the relatable message and the music!

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