Exclusive: Max Frost discusses new EP ‘Intoxication’

Originally published September 25, 2015 – 7:02 AM MST on Examiner.com

“I’ve always kind of been obsessed with music,” Max Frost began our conversation, “I can’t say I ever had one of those life altering moments where I saw someone playing and I suddenly knew it became my life’s mission.” However, that is exactly what happens when a hobby becomes an obsession. Early on Frost admitted that a career in music was something that chose him more than something he intentionally set out to obtain. “I never expected to have a career in music until I got to college, and I realized that I didn’t want to do anything else.” He continued admitting, “I didn’t really have a plan of how I was going to do it. I just stopped doing school, and kept making music.”

In 2013 Max caught the ear of the nation with his breakthrough single, “White Lies”. It was his original blend of genres, possessing an innovative audio stamp, that established him as an intriguing artist on the rise.

Today marks the release of his second highly anticipated EP entitled Intoxication. Max says he is more at ease artistically on this latest round of songs. He explains, “I’ve gotten more into a rhythm now where I do a lot less thinking when I’m making music; which I think is good.” He adds, “I have become a little less cynical musically, and maybe have become a little more positive, a little more at ease.”

That poise is reflected in the well crafted lyrics, and blended melodies on the songs of Intoxication. It’s an EP Frost centered around the everyday ways life can intoxicate. Max relays, “I guess I sort of started to look at the emotions and the big concepts in our lives that can consume us as the greatest distortions of our reality.” He said it also ties to his own life and how it was effected by breaking into the music industry. “Becoming part of the industry and becoming part of a whole musical culture of people who do this has been a pretty intoxifying thing.” He said, “I guess it all connects in this way, how my life has changed, and that has been the beginning of the whole record.”

He maintained artistic liberties on this EP as well, writing and producing most of the album. “I think the only track I’m not a producer on is ‘Blind Fool’, and that was produced by Benny Blanco, who is also a producer on the song ‘Withdrawal’.” Max continued, “I worked with a lot of different people for this EP.

I tried to keep the cornerstone of a lot of my production style involved as I’ve invited more people into my world.”

You can purchase Frost’s EP Intoxication today at all digital service providers. And now that the music is out, he is set to hit the road on a headline tour that kicks off October 5, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ (a full list of dates can be found here). Max said he hopes to diversify the set a bit, “I really think that the direction live is going to start moving a little bit more into the eclectic and away from the rock and roll.” Elaborating, “I’d like to really diversify what instruments are being played on stage, mainly just by making them more dynamic.”

Max graciously closed our conversation indulging me with an insightful answer to a gratuitous question. I asked him if he could compose a life soundtrack of some of the songs that have made an impact on his life, what they would be. He quickly listed a diverse grouping that easily exemplifies where he gets his distinct and ingenious sound. A few of his all time favorites are:

‘Time After Time’, by Frank Sinatra ‘Yesterday’, by Paul McCartney ‘The Real Slim Shady’, by Eminem ‘Miss Jackson’, by Outkast

‘Feel Good Inc.’ by the Gorillas Probably every Jimmy Hendrix song, ‘Chain of Fools’, by Aretha Franklin

Don’t miss Max as he tours this fall, and most definitely don’t miss out on getting your copy of Intoxication today!



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